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Solar Power

Solar Power

We offer a reliable line of batteries that are perfect for solar power applications. Rahimafrooz manufactures tubular, deep-cycle solar batteries for renewable energy systems. We are a proud pioneering partner of the Renewable Energy Movement in Bangladesh. As part of this movement, over 1.7 million homes have had solar homes systems installed over 25 years, leading to the Renewable Energy Movement being considered as one of the most successful models of off-grid solar energy solutions in the world.

Key Product Features

  • Excellent cycling ability provides high reliability and exceptional long-life
  • High tolerance to water loss and minimal maintenance
  • Low internal resistance
  • High charging efficiency
  • Low self-discharge, pre-charged plates
  • Robust, rugged construction ensures mechanical durability
  • High performing, specialized pasting recipe and separator arrangement provides minimal ¬†chance of active material shedding
  • User friendly and rigid handle arrangement

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